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Don’t Touch My Garter! That’s My Bouquet!

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Some wedding traditions you may not want to mess with but I am always looking for a unique twist to put on the garter / bouquet removal and toss. Some of the Ideas we come up with may be something you wish to include in your event or special day. Many couples feel that the standard garter /bouquet removal toss is a tired tradition and that they need a fresh twist on an old classic. More and more couples are beginning to look for unique ways to the garter toss and even the bridal dances. Please let me know what you do or have seen to break the traditional type event… M. Susca directsound


Bride Starts Snapping Heads At Her Weddings!

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Create the “Wow Effect” at your next wedding or corporate function. When a guest walks into the room the first thing you want them to say is “Wow” this place is cool.

Happy wedding

Happy wedding

 I have set-up many rooms and have had many reactions from guests but the thing I hear the most is “Wow”! If you strive to achieve this at all of your events your businesses will thrive. The snap of one’s head looking around the room trying to take it all in is amazing every time I see it. It can be done with lighting, drapery, signs or even plants placed to achieve a jungle or oasis look and feel or even something simple as live fish swimming at the table for a center piece to create a tropical feel that the guests can take home and remember you for a long time to come.

the wow factor

the wow factor

 Group a few small ideas together and soon your room will take on the feel and you will to hear that amazing sound “Wow”! Tell me some simple ways you achieve the “Wow “ effect to help you and your clients get to the common goal an amazing wedding /party.-M.Susca DJ Mikey Mike

Wedding Bride Goes Green! With LED’s and Direct Sound

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When a bride wants a green wedding, nothing saves the environment like the LED lighting we use at Direct Sound Wedding DJ & Decor Lighting Service. LED lighting is the energy efficient alternative to conventional high energy consuming lighting. With low wattage LED lights that have high light output and up to 100000-hour LED life span, we are reducing the carbon footprint and making the right choice environmentally.

Great Up-Lighting with LES's

Great Up-Lighting with LED's

By using LED lighting and computer technology, your DJ/light designer can transform any room into a beautiful and distinctive masterpiece. Most brides are now looking for an entertainment company that can offer a great MC/DJ to command the crowd and a lighting designer all in one. Today’s bride is getting away from the “two speakers and some flashy lights” kind of a look and moving to a more elegant feel. This is a hard concept for most DJ’s to overcome because of their Night Club background and years of doing the same old thing. If you find the right entertainment/lighting service, your memorable wedding receptions will be produced with LED low voltage Wash and Up-Lighting and eye catching Gobo projection.

Here’s how it works. Gobo projection is a small computer cut die that goes in front of the light, giving the light the ability to shoot different patterns or pictures on the floor, walls or ceiling such as hearts, stars, even their initials. Also, most of these lights are what they call DMX, a fancy way to say

Go Green with LEDs

Go Green with LEDs

computer controlled. This enables the light to have its own personality giving the DJ the ability to take control over the parameters of the light, to mix and match colors, change the look of the room and even move the lights around the room at will. In the past, with conventional high energy consuming lighting, not only would need to put a colored gel over it to

Head wedding table

Head wedding table

achieve a certain color, if you wanted multiple colors you would have to use even more high energy consuming lighting until you achieved the look you wanted. This caused a lot of heat in the room making for an uncomfortable atmosphere and a higher power draw. This is not true with LED fixtures. One LED light has the ability to produce rich palates of color created by mixing the red, green and blue LEDs in the same fixture creating different color combinations with no increase of power consumption. This enables the designer to match your wedding colors perfectly and be able to change the look at any time with the integration of the computer control.

It takes a lot of pre-planning and programming to run some of the advanced features but it’s well worth the price for the look achieved. Brides can expect to pay between $1200 and $4500 depending on how elaborate they want to go with LED lights for an average wedding and a high-end bride can expect to spend a bit more. Even with thirty LED lighting effects, the entire production will pull less power than two standard conventional DJ lighting fixtures. LED’s will give the look and feel of an incredible wedding with dazzling colors and eye catching designs while you do your part to help save energy and keep reducing the carbon footprint. LED’s are the right choice environmentally for all brides. Check out DJ’s and wedding décor lighting designers who use LED lighting to achieve this effect in your area like we do at Direct Sound Wedding DJ & Decor Lighting Service.
M. Susca