Wedding DJ’s are not all the same!

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Wedding DJ’s are not all the same! Don’t pick a DJ that has done 100’s weddings, just on the number of wedding. A DJ may have done 100 weddings or have they done 1 wedding’s 100 times? Hire a Dj that can provide a unique experience for your day!

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Bat Mitzvah Setup Christmas Party Snowflake ceiling Video Stairs OMG Moving Heads Direct Sound

take a look

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Best First Dance w/snow

We can now offer this to you

Architectural Up Ligthing

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Blue Uplighting

Blue Uplighting

Unique Architectural Ligthing
Classy / Exciting / Unique
Please take some time to view a few photos of our architectural lighting, which transforms your venue into a truly remarkable atmosphere. Each of our LED lighting fixtures will be programmed to match your wedding colors and have the ability to change colors throughout the evening. Our clients have the option of using only a few lights to accent the head table, or opting to use up to twentyfive lights to accent each wall of the venue. Regardless of what route you choose to take, we guarantee that our unique approach to lighting will truly create that “WOW” factor when your guests enter the room! can make it happen!

Quinceanera or wedding? Hard to tell at first sight

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Check out my Newest Video from the Quinceanera I just did… Wow it was just like a wedding! this was my first Quinceanera in 25 years I guess its because I not Spanish I don’t get more but I did great with the Spanish crowd now how to market to them?

Please let me know what might help

HELP! I want to do a Bridal Show with folks and I need your input

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I want to do a Bridal Show in Woodland Hills, Ca Marriott with folks in November and I need your input. Even if you used them in another location
1) has anyone used
2) if so was the turnout good
3) was it worth the cost of $765 for a 8×8 + $65 for power
Thanks in advance

To Knot or not to Knot ;-)

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I want to advertise with the Knot but it’s close to $200 a month for a web advertisement. I want to grow my business but I not sure if I want … No I want to, I just don’t know if there is a better way to do it. Should I make the investment or go a different route? My problem is I’m a single owner operator and with everything else I have going out right now I’m not sure if it’s the right time. Or should I put all my eggs in one basket and go for it? Does anyone else advertise with the Knot, and does it work for you? If so I would love your input, like if or what I might be able to ask for that they don’t advertize that will make my ad stand out even more with them if I choose to go with them. Thanks for your input!